from Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

GODA® Cloud

GODA® Cloud is a data collection and analysis tool that captures operation data in the central monitoring equipment - Read more..

Swirling Induction Type HVAC System SWIT®

SWIT® is an air conditioning system from Takasago Thermal Engineering that features advanced replacement ventilation - Read more..

Datacenter Operation Measures
Service Green Air IDC

Green Air IDC is an operation service for overall optimization through - Read more..

Dry Room Technology

Enables energy-saving and cost-saving in dry rooms® with appropriate equipment configuration and optimal operation control. - Read more..

Clean Dry Air Supply System (CDASS)

CDASS supplied inexpensive and clean dry air with moisture thoroughly removed and NH3, SOx, organic gases and other gaseous pollutants-
Read more..

Green Air Technology

It is the name of our effort to contribute to global efforts toward environmental friendliness by supplying air that is friendly - Read more..


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