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1. What is SWIT (Swirling Induction Type Air Conditioning System)?

SWIT is an air supply unit with swirl guide vane design inside the face grille. By utilising the swirling induction effect, SWIT supplies and distributes the cool air into the occupied space at a low velocity as warm air is being extracted above the occupied zone (ceiling level). SWIT is installed against the wall.

2. Where is the country of origin (manufacturer)?

The SWIT Technology originated from Japan.

3. What is the physical size of SWIT unit?

SWIT unit has two variations, the metal panel and the plastic panel. The Metal panel has different size variations.

The width ranges are 450mm, 600mm and 900 mm; the height ranges are 1600mm, 1800mm and 2100mm.

4. What is the distance (meter) of air delivery from the SWIT?

SWIT can deliver air up to 40m each unit (subjected to conditions on the ground).

5. How does SWIT save the annual energy?

By increasing chilled water temperature nearer to room temperature; chiller, pump and AHU capacity is reduced.

6. How does SWIT save the initial cost?

  • Lesser duct installation,
  • Lesser cost for air-conditioners
  • Lesser labor cost

7. What is the price for SWIT?

Please contact Takasago Singapore for quotation / proposals.

8. Any maintenance required?

Minimum maintenance is required as the swirl guide vanes are not moving parts. Maintenance is only required for the replacement of diffuser cloths inside the SWIT box.

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