Swirling Induction Type HVAC System SWIT®

SWIT® is an air conditioning system from Takasago Thermal Engineering that features advanced replacement ventilation technology. SWIT induces ambient air by swirling the air flow, enabling it to operate with low air volume and a blowing temperature close to the work area/residential area, thus making it possible to maintain comfortable environment while saving energy and cost.

(Patent Nos. 4006196 and 4421347)


● Comfortable air conditioning for residential areas and excellent ventilation efficiency

● Compact air outlet

● Energy-Saving

System Overview

Operating costs can be reduced by 42% compared to mixed air conditioning systems and equipment costs can be reduced by 29%

Application to clean rooms (TCR-SWIT®)

High ventilation efficiency

By lifting floating fine particles in the work area to the upper part of the room and removing them, it is possible to keep the work area clean with less air volume than before.


TCR-SWIT® is a next-generation clean room technology that maintains the indoor environment of large-scale clean rooms and saves energy, which was difficult until now.
With excellent ventilation efficiency, the system maintains the thermal environment and cleanliness with less air volume, and reduces transport power. In addition, the cold water temperature can be set to a high temperature, improving the efficiency of the heat source equipment.
As a result, annual energy consumption is reduced.

Applications in Gymnasiums and Arenas

Heating and cooling of gymnasiums is essential as a measure to prevent heat stroke and a safeguard in a disaster, but these facilities need to introduce systems that both limit costs and provide comfortable amenities. The adoption of our proprietary technology SWIT® realizes both lower costs and comfortable spaces.

User-friendly Air

We fully cool spaces with a gentle air to provide a comfortable environment suitable for badminton and other indoor sports without athletes feeling any unpleasant air.

Design Considering User Safety

The size of the equipment installed in these facilities is half that of our conventional products and maximizes the amount of floor space available for courts. In addition, the SWIT® air supply unit can be installed beneath the wall surface to eliminate a cause of minor collisions.

Leveraging Natural Properties to Achieve Higher Energy Savings

We can provide more efficient air conditioning necessary for large spaces with minimal airflow while helping lower energy costs by taking advantage of the natural convection of cold and hot air.

Product introduction video

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