GODA® Cloud

GODA® Cloud is a data collection and analysis tool that captures operation data in the central monitoring equipment of a building, analyzes operation from multiple angles in a short time, and realizes optimum energy-saving operation.

(Patent No. 4540737)

Awards and Certifications

● 2017 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Product/Business Model Department)
 Energy Conservation Center Chairman's Award

● Won the 2017 Good Design Award (Platform Division)

● Remote support for the Ministry of the Environment's Eco Tuning Business Model Establishment Project
 Adopted as analysis tool

● Eco Tuning Business Certification
 No. 160006 Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.
 No. 160028 Takasago Marusei Engineering Service Co., Ltd.


● Manufacturer-free
 Provide services without depending on central monitoring board manufacturer

● Task-free
 Automatically send data to the cloud every day using transmission kit

● Area-free
 Available in any internet-connection environment
 Can be used not only in Japan but also in overseas buildings

● User-friendly
 Excellent operability, complete with versatile graph formats
 Various functions including air line diagrams are built-in
 Calculations between data can be freely carried out

● High security: Adopts SSL-VPN

GODA® Cloud usage example

Convenient functions: I can create many graphs just by pressing one button!

Convenient functions: I can change the display period just by pressing one button!


* Investigation by Panasonic Marketing Department

Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Building has been using energy-saving tuning by fully utilizing this tool since 2003, and has achieved energy-saving of 51.9% (FY 2015) compared to the first year after completion of construction.

In addition, by using this tool, the energy-saving effect has been demonstrated for various facilities under the Ministry of the Environment's "Eco Tuning Business Model Establishment Project."

Usage conditions

GODA® Cloud is an ASP service that uses a cloud server jointly developed by Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Corporation. A service contract is required for use.


* GODA for PC was discontinued as of the end of June 2017.

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