Dry Room Technology

Enables energy-saving and cost-saving in dry rooms® with appropriate equipment configuration and optimal operation control

In the rapidly-growing lithium ion battery and organic EL manufacturing process, since moisture in the air is an impediment, manufacturing is carried out in dry rooms® controlled to a low dew point atmosphere from which moisture in the air is removed.

(Patent No. 5587571, Patent No. 5570717, Patent No. 5681360, Patent No. 5684478, etc.)


● Build dry rooms® with energy-saving and cost-saving

● Build environments with ultra-low dew point temperature of -100℃

WINDS® is a proprietary energy-saving dehumidifier that supplies dry air with a dew point temperature of -60℃. Takasago offers low dew point dry rooms® which deliver industry-leading energy-saving using this system. WINDS®-Ⅱ is a dehumidifier which greatly improved dehumidification performance. A single-stage rotor can handle even the whole outside air conditions with a large dehumidification load, which can greatly reduce initial costs and energy consumption.
WINDS®Ⅲ, which has recently been released, is a low temperature regenerative type dehumidifier. It supplies dry air at a regeneration temperature of 80℃, which is significantly lower than conventional dehumidifiers.
Dehumidified air used in dry rooms® has higher manufacturing costs than air conditioned air used for normal air conditioning, and demands for energy-saving are increasing in large-scale mass production plants.
In order to respond to this demand, Takasago has optimized the equipment configuration of its dehumidifiers to realize energy-saving and cost-saving. Furthermore, as a response to when the dehumidification load is small such as in winter, by implementing optimum operation control, further energy-saving is realized.
Also, if an ultra-low dew point environment is required for electronic device manufacturing equipment or stockers, etc., the dehumidifier CDASS, which can supply a dew point temperature of -100℃ can be adopted to build an ultra-low dew point environment.

Dry Room® Basic Configuration

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