Clean Dry Air Supply System CDASS

CDASS supplied inexpensive and clean dry air with moisture thoroughly removed and NH3, SOx, organic gases and other gaseous pollutants removed.

(Patent No. 3762138, Patent No. 4334688, Patent No. 4754358, Patent No. 4990443, Patent No. 5409279)

Ultra-Low Dew Point Clean Air Supply System: CDASS-100


● Supplies ultra-low dew point air using dehumidification rotors in three stages in series.

● Supplies clean and dry air (CDA) with dust and inorganic gaseous pollutants containing organic and NOx removed at a dew point temperature of -100℃ (8.7 wt ppb) or less.

● Production and supply of CDA at low cost using dehumidification rotor.

● The running cost is 1/5 to 1/10 compared with compressed air (pressure swing type). There is no worry of asphyxiation unlike nitrogen gas systems. Supplies a large volume of CDA at 15-30 m3/min at atmospheric pressure.

System Overview

Portable Clean Dry Air Supply System: CDASS-mini


● All-in-one package incorporating heat source equipment.

● Manufactures and supplies CDA with power connection only.

● Uses proven dehumidification rotor.

● ALow cost compared with compressed air (pressure swing type).

● Cheaper and safer than nitrogen gas systems.

* CDASS-mini can be rented.

Usage Examples

● Air supply to the air bearing for substrate conveyance in electronic device manufacturing equipment.

● Products that dislike moisture or chemical contamination contained in the air.

● Ideal as a substitute for nitrogen gas in R&D and prototype lines.

● Prevents reticle haze.

● Prevents lens fogging.

● Prevents wafer natural oxidation film.

● Prevents moisture adhesion inside vacuum devices.

● Organic EL production lines.

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